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Life at Yavneh

Daily life at Yavneh is rich, rewarding and full of opportunities for active participation.

Yavneh supports a vast array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including community service, clubs, athletic teams, school trips, and social events -- reflecting the creativity and interests of the students and faculty. Students are encouraged not only to participate in these activities, but to plan and implement them.  At Yavneh, leadership opportunities abound.

“When I’m working on a task in the college classroom, Hillel or beyond, I often think back to the moment I was taught that particular lesson at Yavneh…whether it’s an editing technique, Jewish leadership or some other topic. The strong relationships we formed with our peers and teachers prepared us to go out to the world, knowing that we had been given the foundation to succeed. I can say with certainty that I’ll send my own kids to Yavneh someday.”
~ Daniel Bonner  Class of '08, Columbia University '13
   (click to read Daniel's complete article in Jewish Educational Leadership)

A common thread of student life at Yavneh is the joy of celebrating Jewish traditions and of building a school-community inspired by our rich heritage.  Life at Yavneh presents Judaism as a source of religious commitment, spiritual opportunity and joyous celebration. Yavneh caters to students with pioneering spirits who wish to express their initiative and contribute to building a rich and dynamic school culture. Yavneh students complement their college preparatory coursework with cultural experiences that inspire them to pursue their passions, connect with each other, and prepare to transform the world.

Judaic Studies program to instill in every student a lifelong sense of Jewish identity manifesting itself in the following:
​             -   a genuine commitment to Jewish tradition and Jewish people
             -   a special love and attachment to the State of Israel
             - an appreciation of the high moral standards of a Jewish identity
Mechina Program -preparatory Judaic program for students with little or no Judaic background.
Talmudic Law/Jurisprudence studies which emphasize superior study in logical analysis and inductive/deductive reasoning energized by traditions of scholarship and teaming.
An Advanced Placement program committed to providing academic excellence in college preparatory studies.
Athletics: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

​             - Texas #13 All-Time Career High School Scorer (Boys Basketball)
             - First Team All-Texas (Boys Basketball
             - First Team All-District (Boys & Girls Basketball)
             - District Player of the Year (Boys Basketball)
             - Top 20 in Texas (Girls Basketball)
Mock Trial 
Students4Students:  Raised over $30,000 to build schools in Ethiopia and Sudan, student mentor/tutors in area elementary school
Helping Hands for the Homeless: Raised more than $60,000 to support Family Gateway, Genesis Women's Shelter, and Jonathan's Place.    
Students Against Terrorism; More than $600,000 raised to assist the victims of terrorism and their families.
Volunteer time given to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.
The Bulldog Print: Award-winning, student published newspaper
              -  National Scholastic Press Association Pacemaker Award
              - Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Crown Award
              - Texas' Interscholastic Press Conference Silver Star Winner