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Judaic Special Events

At Yavneh Academy, Judaic education includes more than classroom study of traditional texts.

Students should also be afforded the opportunity to celebrate Jewish history, traditions, and holidays through school-wide special events. To that end, Yavneh holds Judaic events throughout the school year. A small sampling of these includes:

The All-School Retreats, held on-campus in the Fall, and at a campsite, in the Spring, providing opportunities to share Shabbat together.

Events celebrating Israeli Independence Day - Made possible in part through a generous grant from Avi Chai Foundation, Yavneh hosts a series of events to celebrate Israeli Independence Day, including a barbecue and picnic, as well as community events co-hosted with Dallas area congregations.

Events celebrating Chanukah and Purim, including speakers, celebration, and other programming that are open to the community.

A series of activities celebrating Sukkot, including a special movie, games, elective lectures.