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Student Clubs

Yavneh Academy offers students numerous opportunities beyond their classroom instruction to enhance not only their interest in writing and journalism but their skills in those areas as well.


The Bulldog Print, Yavneh Academy's student newspaper, has in twelve years grown to publish five editions throughout the school year, with staff members winning many local, state, and national awards for production, writing, and layout design.
Click here to view the Bulldog Print digital format. 
Working on the yearbook is an exciting and fulfilling experience for any student. Each year the Yearbook Staff creates a representation of the school that serves as a catalyst for lifelong memories of high school for years to come.

Yavneh's Music Ensemble is a collective group of students that perform at Yavneh's Fall Arts' Night as well as at other programs throughout the year.


Since 2001, Yavneh students have been learning the ABC’s of objections, "Your Honors," public speaking, and the experience and learning that its Mock Trial program provides. Yavneh's incredibly popular and successful Mock Trial Team, founded by former Yavneh Dad Warren Abrams, has taught our students much through its educational and stimulating programming.

Yavneh's Mock Trial season, which runs through most of the year with matches from December through March, follows the outline provided by the Dallas Bar Association, including each year's case.  While Yavneh's team does not compete in the Dallas arena, because most events are held on Saturdays, Mr. Abrams arranges for matches between Yavneh students and other high school programs in the community.