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Financial Aid

The 2019-20 Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is now open. PFS fee is $51.

Financing a Jewish school education is a major investment in a child's future. We are committed to supplementing families who demonstrate a financial need.

The actual cost of educating each student exceeds the cost of our tuition and fees, every Yavneh student, in effect, receives aid — the difference between the tuition and fees and the actual cost of an Yavneh education.

Our substantial financial aid budget comes entirely from families who pay the full price of tuition. We award financial aid to many middle-income families, families with more than one child in school, and those whose financial circumstances qualify them for a greater assistance. Even if you are not sure you would qualify for financial aid, we encourage you to apply.

Applying for financial aid has absolutely no effect on a student’s application for admission. Admission decisions are based on a student’s qualifications and the likelihood that he/she will contribute to the life of the school. 

Families apply for Financial Aid by going to the SSS website (sss.force.com/familyportal). The application must be completed by February 1, 2019. Your 2018 tax returns (including all schedules) and W-2/1099 must be uploaded into the SSS website by March 3, 2019. Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Tuition for the 2019-20 academic year can be reviewed by clicking here.

Need more information?
Contact the Financial Aid Committee at fa@yavnehdallas.org


For assistance with completing the Financial Aid application please contacts SSS directly at:

(From outside of the US or Canada, dial 952-967-9922)
Hours for SSS:
Monday-Friday 9am-8pm ET
Saturday 9am-4pm ET