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College Planning

Yavneh Academy of Dallas has a sound reputation for assisting its graduates in gaining admission to many premier college and university programs throughout the country.

Yavneh’s goal is for its graduates to attend colleges and universities that afford them the opportunity to excel and obtain a superior education in the field of their choice, while offering the social and cultural environment necessary to their personal growth and happiness.

Preparing to apply for college is a four-year process that begins in the ninth grade and continues throughout a student’s high school years. Yavneh assists students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process by helping them:

    Design an academic program beginning in the ninth grade.
    Prepare for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.
    Determine which colleges or universities offer the environment, culture, and programming they seek.
    Understand and complete the application process.

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Why Choose Yavneh Academy?

Our students have been nationally recognized for outstanding academic performance, including:

National Merit Scholarship Program 1998-2015

    Finalists: 6
    Semifinalists: 7
    Commended: 17
    National Hispanic Scholars: 5

SAT Composite Scores

Year               Critical Reading(Yavneh)       Critical Reading(National)      

2014-15         608                                           497                  

Year               Math (Yavneh)                      Math (National)

2014-15          629                                     513

Year                Writing (Yavneh)                 Writing (National)

2014-15           631                                     487

ACT Composite Scores

Year               Yavneh                               National

2014-15          27.2                                 20.8